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Sunday, 6 May 2012

awesome mixer of the world!

Hello fella! 
have you ever owned a stand mixer or any kind of mixer used to bake any pastries? usually our mothers use hand mixers instead of stand mixers. well maybe because of our era's are different. 
Thus, as for me I prefer stand mixer because it offers offer much more versatility than basic hand mixers. These kitchen mixers have the ability to knead dough for great homemade bread, yet they are simple enough to thoroughly mix cake batter with ease. Using a stand mixer is much more efficient than a hand mixer because the hands-free design allows you to add ingredients while the mixer is churning. This also allows you to do other tasks such as preparing the pan for baking or taking a short phone call.
If I were to get a chance of choosing any stand mixers of my dream, I would definitely go for Kitchen Aid.

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